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Avanit “Andy” Vanmali’s passion for the hospitality industry began as a fifteen-year-old working with his father who was in the hotel industry. This passion eventually led to his dream of establishing his own hotel development and management company.
Founded in 2003, Three Springs Hospitality Management (TSHM) is a family-owned and operated company. We are the industry’s leader in acquisitions, development, management, and rebranding.
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TSHM is committed to growth. Our drivers for success lie in diligent monitoring of the project progression, communication, workforce talent, and cost control. We develop our hotels with attention to detail that begins with the due diligence and market analysis stage. Throughout each phase of development, our specialized teams provide the highest level of standards in our industry. It is this attention to detail that allows us to foresee and mitigate risk so that we stay on schedule and within budget. The result is a streamlined development process that reduces risk for investors, increases profitability, and delivers a quality hotel.

TSHM consists of our people and our resources. Our people are our greatest asset. We collectively leverage our workforce to bring together the best talent to overcome industry challenges.

Each of our hotels are supported by our Leadership Team to meet daily objectives and goals. We engage with our hotels to drive revenue, streamline costs, uncover new market opportunities to grow business, and improve guest stays and customer service.

Our management strategies include initiatives to maximize revenue and boost profits while remaining focused on great guest stays and customer service. We measure our success through hotel performance metrics to track revenue streams and understand the performance of our hotels as well as guest
satisfaction scores.

Our commitment to foster continued growth and success with any joint venture begins with our seamless integration of our hotel investment, development, management, and construction deliverables. We are constantly sourcing new market opportunities to fill our pipeline in order to partner with investors whose goals align with ours.

We look for the right partner and brand in the right market at the right time. Our focus is on steady growth and doing our due diligence to optimize returns and minimize risks. We work with our partners to identify opportunities in the right markets. We execute our due diligence and market intelligence to determine feasibility and forecast potential investment returns.

Building long lasting relationships with our network of investors are the cornerstone to our success. Our financial and operational transparency, our commitment to exceed brand benchmarks, and our vision to be the nation’s leading hospitality development and management company in the hotel industry revolve around our core values. Our commitment to ourselves, our people and our partners is always at the forefront of what we do.

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